Elementary: 1st-5th

The Greenhouse

Nurturing lifelong Christian faith in children, youth and familiescamerazoom-20140803120023156-copy

The heart of a child is fertile soil ready for God seeds. It is in this place that we seek to nurture the abundant life Jesus offers all who come to him. From the first days of life through eighteen years of age, the Berkeley Covenant Church community seeks to nurture lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. Ministry to children,  youth and families happens in our midst, intentionally. We seek to nurture the seeds Jesus plants through loving & authentic relationships, Bible-centered teaching, and  grace-filled rhythms of loving mercy and doing  justice together.

At every stage of life we value being:

  • Connected to God in prayer and worship.
  • Connected to one another across generations, where authentic faith and
    trust in Christ is lived out, experienced and passed on.
  • Devoted to God’s word.
  • The Body of Christ where everyone  is vital to God’s purposes.
  • Doers of justice & lovers of mercy together.

Elementary Class

God is trustworthy and created me uniquely to be a special part of his community.img_20141116_115900

Children in elementary school are energetic learners, beginning to discover how God has created each of us uniquely for his glory. We desire that they would begin connecting the truths of God with their everyday decisions and relationships.