Kids Helping Kids: Peacemaking

Summer Series in the Greenhouse| June 11-August 27

Conflict is a worldwide problem. It comes in a variety of forms and affects millions of children. This year Kids Helping Kids addresses the need for peace among friends, family, religions, warring factions, hurting mothers, refugees, tribes, persons with disabilities, people in poverty, those who are persecuted, and those faced with disasters. Although the need is great, Kid’s Helping Kids provides hope for a way forward.

This summer we will learn about the real-life stories of twelve children through the world who are struggling to find peace. It is our hope that these voices (representing millions of children who face conflict daily) will help shape our children, inspiring them to become Christ’s peacemakers. Our Godly Play and Elementary Classes will be part of this series. Sprouts will be cared for by our wonderful caregivers. Youth will be a part of this series through the youth group activities.

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