What’s Happening


Renewing Our Minds Fall Class Continues with Joshua Moritz, PhD| Sundays at 9:00am
Exploring Our Roots: The Early Jewish Background of the New Testament Church
In the first few classes of the Exploring Our Roots series we will take a deeper look at the Jewish context of the message of Jesus and the New Testament Church.  Exploring the common origins of the Christian and Jewish faiths we will inform and clarify our understanding of contemporary Christian theology as it interacts with the diverse cultures and values of the 21st century. In these classes we will discuss questions such as: What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did the Jews who lived around the time of Jesus have a Bible, and if so what was it like? How did Jews who lived in 1st century Roman Palestine understand salvation? What did the Jews before Jesus believe about the Messiah who was to come? Did Early Jewish believers ever think God would become incarnate? Did Intertestamental Jews think of the one God as a Trinity? And, how did Jews in Jesus’ day interact with the surrounding non-Jewish cultures?








Ongoing Events

Fellowship & Coffee| Sundays 10:00-10:20am
~Arrive a little early and enjoy a cup of coffee with the BCC community. Everyone welcome.

All Church Prayer | 1st Thurs @ 7:30pm

Interfaith Vigil at West County Detention Facility| 1st Sat @ 11:00am

Kyakeemeena Sing | 1st Sun @ 3:00pm
~Bring songs, prayer & friendship to Kyakameena Nursing Facility residents.

5th Sunday Worship Service | @ 10:30pm
~On these Sundays, we intentionally involve all generations in our community in preparing for and leading worship.