Youth on Sundays: 6th-12th

End of 2013-New Year 2014 Youth 410The Greenhouse

Nurturing lifelong Christian faith in children, youth and families


God initiates a relationship with me, and he invites me to respond in my daily life.

The youth staff and volunteers are dedicated to the lives of all youth at Berkeley Covenant Church, creating a safe place to belong, serve others, and experience a transformational relationship with God.

Sunday Mornings:

  • Youth participate 100% in all church worship, which is a core value we hold as an intergenerational church family.
  • Youth serve in various ministries:
    • Greeting before worship service begins
    • Worship team, PowerPoint, Scripture reading
    • Teaching/assistant teaching the children (Sprouts, Godly Play and Elementary classes after all church worship)
    • Receiving discipleship from adult mentors (monthly cafe outing after all church worship and communion, boys and girls separately)
  • Youth Class, 12:30pm-1:45pm (in the youth room with pizza provided)
    • Spring 2018 Class, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” begins February 11th
    • We will talk about what our sources of truth are as we look into a number of questions relevant to our faith, and we’ll study various passages from Scripture using The New Testament, David Bentley Hart translation.
    • Friends of youth welcome!


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