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Our youth ministry, as the vision of Berkeley Covenant Church expresses, desires that each of our youth and adult leaders be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, seeking to follow Him in worship, prayer, fellowship and mission as lifelong faith is nurtured.

Our youth community, 6th-12th grade and leaders, engages in time together and activities that center on building relationship with one another, growing us in Christ-likeness and maturity in God’s truth and perfect love. 1 Timothy 1:5

Youth Community & Discipleship

Youth Group Fridays 7-9pm

End of 2013-New Year 2014 Youth 898

  • What Happens?
    • Group games, sharing about our lives, Scripture study, questions & discussion, musical worship, prayer
  • Core Values
    • Love – everyone is welcomed, respected and loved for who they are and as part of God’s body, and encouraged to grow in Christ-likeness
    • Follow God –  there is freedom to ask any question about faith, we’ll work through it together as we follow God and mature in His truth and perfect love
    • Serve – together and within our families we are doers of justice and lovers of mercy as we serve those in our church community, neighborhoods, schools and larger community

Sunday Youth Class 9-10:15amOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Fall, Winter and Spring sessions cover various Christian education topics. Click link above for details.



End of 2013-New Year 2014 Youth 184